Celestial High School

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Hello, viewers!
You must be here because of the brochure. Well, yes, this is a real and actual website, and I happen to take this very seriously. I have a vision for a school that actually focuses of the betterment of the students over tradition and common tendency. For example: Why have books anymore? books are highly overrated, and an extremely outdated idea. For the price of one or two of those books, one can purchase a tablet that can store all the books you could ever dream of needing, and have access to them all the time without having to lug around 20 extra pounds every day and having to worry about forgetting them in your locker, loosing them and having to pay the price of one of these tablets per book, and also, you have to flip through hundreds of pages to find the words you're looking for. Have fun with that. With a tablet, they weigh ALLOT less, and you can Google something if it happens to not be in one of your books, and if you get lost in an ocean of words, you can just type in what you're looking for and the system finds it for you. Also, it would never be easier to take notes and set bookmarks. And at the end of the year, instead of having to turn in every one of your books and waste precious time, you can simply delete them off of your system and download next year's. It's so simple, it's INSANE that everybody has not done it yet. At my perfect school, which I call Celestial High, There is a system of computers connected to each other that can interact and share data with each other. This would allow students to virtually plug in their tablets for a presentation (like I had to do with the brochure) and show the class what he or she made, flip through the pages and go into detail. Also, students may type up their homework in their tablets and it would be sent to the teacher's computer on demand, so it would be nearly impossible to "forget to turn it in." This idea is not one I so easily came up with right away, believe it or not. I have had this idea for awhile, and now, I wish to put it out there for all who will listen. 
-Corwin D.